Ambient Room Recording      

All of our rehearsal rooms are equipped with a matched stereo pair of mics and a mini mixer allowing you to record your normal rehearsal session.  

Rooms 1 and 2 have a CD burner - pop in a blank CD and hit 'record'.

Rooms 3 and 4 - just bring along your laptop with a DAW you are familiar with and USB into the mini mixer.

This is ideal for tracking your rehearsals to make sure you get a copy of that all important riff you've just improvised and it's only a small supplemental charge to your rehearsal fee. 

Price:  Your rehearsal fee plus £5.00


Record your track however you like!

"Off-The-Floor" Tracking:

This is a great way of recording tracks quickly as you can all play together as opposed to recording your track one instrument at a time, not to mention that it is far more sociable to have you all in the room at once!  We often find that bands can gain a little more `je ne sais quoi` to the mix as this is more like performing on stage.


Set up and start recording one channel at a time, piecing your tracks together member by member can give a more detailed, cleaner sounding recording.  You can also mix and match these methods by laying down a live `bed` track and overdubbing parts afterwards for the best of both worlds; a lively, energetic track with crisp and precise layers!  

Now for the best part:

Each of our rehearsal rooms are tied together with both audio and video lines meaning that if you want to play together but still keep full isolation across your channels, we can put you each in a different room.  This can save hours as we can effectively quadruple the amount of work that you can get done per hour.  Now that's a saving!

Price: £35.00 per hour

Drum Tracking

Since growing increasingly busy we have developed a reputation, in particular, for our drum sound.  So if you are recording an EP or album at a home studio and missing that authentic feel and sound of real drums, then why not book our specially tailored package and get what is missing from your recording - great sounding real drums!

8 hours in the studio with our Engineer - At the end of the session take away the WAV files to mix yourself.

Price: £200.00

2 Track Demo Deal

We all know how that important first demo can break the Bank so we've come up with a special recording deal to still give you that first decent quality demo CD.  For a flat fee you can book our biggest room where we"ll set you up to record as a group.  The day starts at 10.00am where you get two 8 hour days with our Engineer to assist you throughout the session to track and mix your 2 songs.  All this for a flat fee of £400 and if that wasn't good enough, we"ll polish it off with a final master!

Price: £400.00

5 Track Demo Deal 

Why not book into the studio for five whole 8 hour days with our Engineer for a flat fee, we will track and mix your 5 best songs and polish them off with a master.  If that wasn't enough you also get our warranty 'when you leave the studio at the end of your session you have 14 days to bring it back to make any changes FREE of charge'.   

Price: £1,000.00

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing is an integral part of the recording process and often overlaps with periods of recording so to make life easier it's charged at the same hourly rate as recording. You can of course book a certain number of hours each for recording/mixing or book a block and take a more flexible approach.  We often get asked "What is mastering?" and "Why should I pay so much for it?"  Well, with us you don't have to.....

Explaining the mysterious black art of mastering is pretty difficult, but it is basically a series of processes to finish off your track; it's how it gets that loud, punchy sound and adds the final polish.  You might be thinking `that doesn't really answer the question...` and you'd be right!  It's far easier to hear the difference mastering makes so we are offering a mastering sample for you to see how it improves your recording.  For only £10.00, we can master one of your tracks and if you like it, following tracks can be mastered for £15.00 each.

NB.  We're happy to master any tracks not recorded here, we simply need an unmastered mixdown of your track.  

Price: Mixing £35.00 per hour  

            Mastering £10.00 / £15.00 per track